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My field of activity

In co-operation with partners or when applicable with a team of specialists, I offer my clients services according to their needs and requirements. These services are legal advice, mediation and in acting as moderator in delicate or complex situations.

Legal advice

In the continually more complex conditions of our time, efficient and expert advice in legal issues is of primary importance. My conviction is that every situation demands optimal care and attention. This is the very foundation of my legal activity. This service is provided by my office, through my chosen team or by my calling in appropriate specialists. The emphasis of my personal legal counsel lies in Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Company Law, Law of Succession and Law of Property between husband and wife, issues of succession in small and medium businesses, Law of Data Protection and Media. In addition to my consultative role I am fully prepared, when the situation demands it, to undertake representation in court.


A satisfactory, successful outcome to crisis and conflict in private or business relations can often be found faster through voluntary mediation. As a mediator I adopt a neutral position to provide support with the aim of the parties resolving their conflict by mutual consent through a fair, transparent and efficient procedure towards a solution.

As moderator

Expertise in presentation by an external third person can often help to free blocked situations during conflicts.

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